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Born for Sport

Derbyshire athletes with the potential to be World Class

All of our athletes compete in individual sports which are represented at Olympic/Paralympic level (both summer and winter).  Athletes are supported on a yearly basis which runs from 1st September to the 31st August.  In the 2018/2019 year, we are supporting 32 athletes which can all viewed below by sport.  We also have 10 athletes in our alumni that have been through our programme and gone on to compete at World Class level.

The next panel meeting to assess future applications will be in July 2019.

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Bekah Walton

Ella Rush

Alex Knibbs

Alex Ediker

Adam Berwick

Hannah Barnden

Gabriel Gisborne

Jess Turner

Caitlin Emerson


Jack Shepherd

Hope Warner

Katherine Reilly

Jeremy Kurin George

Grace King

David Hong

Lucy Atkins

Abi Hong


Dan Bigham

Jonny Wale

Katie Toft

Jacob Tipper

Harry Tanfield

John Archibald


Jamie Spencer


George Coles


Isobel Brown


Mia Slevin

Ryan Reader

Megan Neave

Charlotte Hall

Toby Arnold


Will Haywood

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